Completely Potty Workshop

Me and the girls were recently invited down to Completely Potty to take part in a  workshop making some clay bat hangers, it was halloween so this fit perfectly for us to try something a bit different and get us in the halloween spirit! Clay bat hanger Completely potty is a fab paint you own pottery studio based in Bournemouth you can pop in when ever you like to paint one of the many ready made pieces of pottery they also regularly hold workshops for children and adults you can find full details of what is coming up over on there Facebook… View Post

Guest Post Winter driving safety tips

The cold weather has well and truly started to set in, last week I left the house at 8am like every morning to find the car all iced up, as a new driver I had no clue what to do about it. After a while fiddling with switches and buttons I cracked it but it occurred to me this is my first winter on the roads I will soon have no choice but to face the sometimes icy roads to get my girls to nursery. My knowledge on cars and driving is iffy to say the least so I have… View Post


Inspiration is a funny one isn’t it, where do you find it? Where does it come from? Some days you’ll have it in abundance other days you feel you may never have another word to write again. After attending Blogfest this weekend I have come away feeling very inspired just to write in general I loved hearing everyones stories – why they started blogging, where they’ve come from and seeing how fantastic everyone is doing, being surrounded by so many talented people has made me love writing this little blog even more and given me some big ambitions for the future!  But its also very clear that everyone… View Post

Lottie at 9 months

I think I start all my baby Lottie updates in the same way but I’m going to say it again 9 months! Where has that time gone?? They all seem to grow so fast but Lottie has juts passed in a blur thank goodness I started writing this blog so I know have a record of it all. So here she is 9 months old and keeping me well and truly on my toes now!My last update was about her crawling but look at her now standing, she wants to be on her feet all the time and walk along holding hands. Crawling she… View Post

Sunday Stars

Welcome to our brand new Sunday Stars linky, a place for you to share your favourite posts each week.A group of lovely bloggers and I decided to start this linky. We wanted to create a place where all our favourite posts from the past week could be easily shared. Then we thought why not let everyone else join in. And so Sundays Stars was born! We are going to take it in turns to host. But we’ll all be busy commenting on and re-tweeting your Sundays Stars posts throughout the week.This linky is designed to create a place where everyone can… View Post