The secret life of a hoarding 3 year old

You always hear of children with little habbits or obsessions; maybe a favourite teddy they take out with them, or a blanket they can’t sleep without maybe they won’t eat anything that’s green or they’re obsessed with wearing their pants on their head(each to there own).  My children have there’s little traits aswell Bella’s is she likes to play with her hair when she’s sleepy, Maisy’s is a little more odd she likes to create piles of her treasures, (could be mistaken for crap if your not Maisy) and god help you if you touch this pile of treasure/crap you will be… View Post

vita coco kids drinks- review

Last week I was sent a lovely selection for me and the kids to try of Vita Coco Kids drinks.  When it arrived the girls were so excited by the packaging I can’t even tell you! The fact that there was bubble wrap a monkey and loads of straw was just a massive winner so thanks for that little bit of excitement on our monday morning!!  Vita coco kids drinks are a naturally fruit flavoured coconut water that tastes delicious! with no artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or flavours, they boast their drinks contain less sugar than most leading UK kids chilled juices. Which is great I,… View Post

Back to Basics – Spanish Omelette

Last week I started a new series on everything mummy (Back to basics)and I’m going to share with you a new simple family recipe every week, last week we started off with one of my favourite dishes creamy chicken curry. This week I’m sharing with you a easy Spanish Omelette super easy, suitable of vegetarians and a really cheap dish. Ingredients  1 onion  2 medium sized potatoes  2/3 courgettes  1 clove of garlic  5 eggs  150ml milk  mixed herbs, salt & pepper Method   Start by preheating the oven to 180°c/350°f and grease a shallow oven proof dish with a little butter.… View Post

My Sunday Photo

This photo just sums up my week! Lots of half term fun and madness!

Feeling outnumbered?

If you’ve read my blog before you will probably be well aware I have three little girls whom I absolutely adore, but ever since my first daughter was born in 2010 people have constantly asked if we would like to have a boy? And with each subsequent pregnancy and the birth of two more little girls the question has been more frequent.  Will you try again for a boy?  Ryan’s made no secret along the way that he would of liked to have a son, a boy to take to football or boxing, where he can have the input in… View Post