Breast feeding – when’s the right time to stop?

I’m really proud of myself for how long I have managed to feed Lottie, I didn’t manage to get anywhere near as far with Maisy and Bella but this time I was very determined and it just worked – I love feeling so close and connected with her. That doesn’t mean at times in the early days I didn’t struggle there were moments I couldn’t see us making it to 9 days let alone 9 months! I found breast feeding support groups a god send and thank god for google helping me to find the answers to every little question I had.  (Tip for any new… View Post

5 must have baby products for you

Over the years I have discovered some baby products are actually great used as beauty products for me! With three young girls I seem to have these items in abundance so it also saves a few pennies so I thought I’d share my 5 favourites with you! Muslin cloths: Not only to be used for moping up babes puke but great for taking your make up off (obviously I’d recommend a clean one), use with regular cleanser works really well as their nice and big and also a little bit rough so our gently exfoliating and reusable. Sudacrem: If I have a… View Post

Blogfest 2014!

If you read my recent post blogfest you’ll know I was heading off this weekend to a blogging conference hosted by the lovely ladies at Mumsnet, you’ll also know I was incredibly nervous and up until even the night before I was still questioning whether or not I’d actually make it! But come saturday morning with a tummy full of butterflies and not knowing at all what to expect I hopped (or more accurately dragged myself) on to a train at 5:28 and headed off to London – yes trains run at that unsightly hour, who knew!?  After not even 6 months of writing this blog I threw myself in at… View Post

My Sunday photo

Missed being silly with my girls yesterday in look horrific but I love this picture of maisy! 

The secret life of a hoarding 3 year old

You always hear of children with little habbits or obsessions; maybe a favourite teddy they take out with them, or a blanket they can’t sleep without maybe they won’t eat anything that’s green or they’re obsessed with wearing their pants on their head(each to there own).  My children have there’s little traits aswell Bella’s is she likes to play with her hair when she’s sleepy, Maisy’s is a little more odd she likes to create piles of her treasures, (could be mistaken for crap if your not Maisy) and god help you if you touch this pile of treasure/crap you will be… View Post