New House Wishlist

This week we finally found a new house to rent yay, after all the stress and hassle we had in recent months with the last house we were renting I am so so so relived to have some where lined up that we can call home again. On that note I’ve put together a little wish list of things I have my eye on for the house! The down stairs is all open planed which I love so I’m sharing bits for the lounge/dinner/kitchen area. I plan to do another post soon looking at bits for the bedrooms!I found this coffee table from cookes furniture really like this… View Post


It’s here – December has arrived now all the scrooges out there can stop whining about everyone being excited already about christmas an join in as well – we know you love it secretly too.December is a mad month for everyone for some reason this year December seems slightly more mental than usual for us starting with:  Visiting Santa; I am very hopeful that this year the children will not break down hysterically and refuse to have their picture taken with the big man. They are at an age where they actually understand father christmas = presents so with that… View Post

Novembers Favourites

I can’t believe its December this month has absolutely flown by. A few weeks ago I was feeling very smug and organised having made a start on my christmas shopping now I’m feeling very unorganised as the small start we made is literally all I’ve done. The plan is to get Maisy’s party out of the way this weekend and then try and get christmas sorted! Any way today I’m sharing my favourite bits from November! I vowed to do this every month but last month was just so mad busy I never got a chance. So first up for… View Post

Monkey World

A few weeks back we were kindly sent a family pass for Monkey World the Ape rescue centre. This week we finally found the time to go and have a family afternoon out, we have been once before but at the time the children were a little to young for it however this time they were so excited to go and visit the monkeys!  For anyone who’s not heard of Monkey world it is is a 65 acre park in the Dorset countryside. It’s home to over 250 rescued monkeys and apes of 20 different species. Monkey World assists governments around the world to… View Post

10 useless facts about me

Following on from reading these posts from katie life on vista street & Kat Beau twins which I loved soooo much I am jumping on the bandwagon and posting 10 useless facts about myself! I eat chocolate everyday without fail – any brand, any type I’m not fussy, I just loves the stuff! I can’t watch horror films or crime watch for that matter it gives me nightmares (big baby)  I was once on channel 4 news aged 9ish? Talking about being streetwise! My claim to fame. I’ve never been stung by a bee/wasp. I spent most of my childhood and early teens being… View Post