Mums list #4

Real life  This week I had a slight mental breakdown when the brand new laptop I got last week died on me, I am having the worst luck with technology at the moment I almost gave up looking for a new one untill I realised how much of a pain in the neck trying to blog on your phone is. So laptop shopping has recomensed and I’m hoping for 3rd time lucky.  My big girl maisy has finished ‘little nursery’ as she calls it this week and will be starting her ‘big nursery’ at the school in a couple weeks,…

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Easy peasy fairy cakes

Friday we had our end of term play group party! I had previously said I would make some cakes so on Friday morning when I remembered (sh*t) I had to think of something I could make fast that I already had the ingredients for lurking in the cupboards. We went for Fairy cakes with butter cream icing so here’s the easy peasy recipe we use for some yummy cakes! Ingredients(makes 12):110g unsalted butter – softened at room temperature 110g caster sugar2 medium eggs 110g flour1 teaspoon vanilla essence   2-5 drops food colouring (optional) 2 eager little helpers Method: Preheat the oven to 180°c/350°F/Gas Mark4 and line a fairy…

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Chocolate fudge brownies

We made chocolate fudge brownies!Now I am the first to admit when I bake it can be very hit and miss. I often find a recipe start by following it to the letter then get abit bored and do my own thing, this does not always have a good outcome. But the kids love it so we try and this week we made some brownies for the first time.  chocolate brownies  I know they don’t look all that great but presentation has never been my strong point trust me they taste sooooo much better than they look. So good…

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