My Week In Pictures #26

Top (L-R) Lottie about to fly down the big slide Mummy and Lottie train selfie All three girls ready for a bed time story Middle (L-R) Maisy and Bella and Farmer palmers Ready for swimming… View Post

My week in pictures #25

Top (L-R) Trying to get back into healthy eating this week kicking off with this salad was actually so delicious! Sleepy kitty was neutered this week so has been abit out of sorts this week… View Post

My week in pictures #24

  Top (L-R) Practicing her climbing in the park – nearly big enough! Birthday party the girls are ready for pass the parcel Beach fun with Lottie throwing wet sand at me – and loving… View Post

My week in pictures #23

  Top (L-R) I love reading with my girls the bed time story is one of my favourite times of the day Sleepy girl had a big morning at nursery Walking to school hand in… View Post

My Week In Pictures #22

Top (L-R) Cheeeessseeee from Lottie A kitty who likes to sit in bins! My biggest girl scruffy hair first thing but looking beautiful Middle (L-R) Story time in the sun shine Playing playdoh with Bella… View Post