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One of the main roles as a parent is to ensure your children are ready for the big wide world once they decide to fly the nest. We do this in many ways, keeping them safe, teaching them general life skills and ensuring they get a good education. However as someone who’s job didn’t even exist when I was at school I do think the standard school curriculum could do with a little bit of an update. Almost every field you go into now has an element of technology to it and the future is just getting more and more digitalised as we speak – did you know that 67% of new jobs in STEM are in computing? And that number is only set to increase.

The majority of children love being online; whether that’s gaming, streaming etc but often don’t know what goes into that. So it’s great to introduce our children to the going’s on behind the technology they’re using as well as getting them ready for a successful future.

Cypher Coders is the perfect way to do this; they’ve created an award-winning coding curriculum which helps children be future-ready by not only teaching them how to code, but also developing core skills such as creativity, communication and collaboration. They use creative themes to ensure a fun and unique learning experience which in turn helps children to understand the role that technology plays in science, industry, art, architecture and so on.

Bella recently took part in one of Cypher’s online coding sessions and absolutely loved it. The hour long session was held on zoom with a small group of other children. She got to grips with the basic concepts of coding, and even built her own game using JavaScript! The tutor was fantastic, he talked them through the process step-by-step and even a dinosaur like me soon felt like coding was actually pretty straight forward once you have the basics. It was great fun, Bella can’t wait for her next session already.

Cypher offer a completely free 60-minute online coding lesson for all children ages 6-12 so you can see for yourself just how fun and educational they can be. It’s a great introduction and I highly recommend giving it a go to give your children to confidence in an ever evolving tech world.

Classes do book up super quick though so make sure you get your space secured here.

While there is no obligation to continue with classes after Cypher do offer weekly coding lessons which take children’s coding skills to the next level, as well as coding camps which are ran online and at various different locations in London during the summer holidays. They really are experts in their field and create such a fun learning experience for the kids I couldn’t recommend more.


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