Wedding Planning – where to start?

I haven’t spoken much about our wedding plans on here. For a long time we were undecided whether we were going to have a ‘wedding’ in the traditional sense or just go off quietly, get married with the kids watching on and then jet off somewhere exotic. The only changes being my surname and the wedding bands we’d be wearing. I know what you’re thinking, what a wedding scrooge. But with lockdown’s going on and seeing my friends missing out on their big days and the stress it caused them I just couldn’t face it. With things having eased up…

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The Best Microwave Mug Cake Recipe

Do you ever get those little after dinner sweet tooth cravings? Those craving’s that you just can’t shift and often ends in a trip to the local shop for something chocolatey? Me too. I have the perfect Microwave Mug Cake Recipe that’ll save you every single time. The best part, it’s ready in less than 5 minutes and made with few ingredients you’ll always have in the cupboards. This recipe is made even more special with the use of Ciao Gusto’s Novi Nocciolato Fine Milk with Whole Hazelnuts. Ingredients for Microwave Mug Cake (serves 1) 4 tbsp self-raising flour 3…

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