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I have mentioned previously how important reading is to us as a family. I feel in this tech generation we spend so long looking at screens and being led by the media into what we should see and feel. Reading allows you to take the words on a page and use your own imagination to picture those characters and the settings. You get a real in-depth description of characters thoughts and feelings and for children especially I think this goes a long long way to helping them understand their own thoughts and feelings.

I have always been a reader, from such a young age you’d always find me with my nose in a book. I got it from my dad, despite having a busy job he always had a book on the go and he always read to my brother and I at bed time. Our favourite being the lord of the rings trilogy – but let me tell you at 6/7 years old it was terrifying at times!

I have tried to pass this on to my own daughters by reading to them from babies and encouraging them to read independently now they are able.

We went thought quite a challenging behavioural phase with my older daughters just recently and one thing I implemented to try and tackle that was no more screens after 6pm and reading in bed at 7pm. The difference has been incredible. Although their bed time itself hasn’t changed they’re waking up more rested, and they’re loving the challenge of finishing a book a week. It’s just lovely hearing them chat about their books and what’s happening the next morning. Of corse we do still allow screen time but this just allows us to have more structure and routine in place.

I buy 99% of the girls books from Books2door, they have a great scheme called ‘BookPoints’.

BookPoints allow you to earn points as you shop which you can then spend on your future purchases. You can earn points in loads of different ways from placing your usual orders to sharing on social media. You can also refer a friend and you will both receive £5 to spend when your friend places an order!

I thought I’d share some of the girls recent favourite reads to give you some book Inso:

  • Goodnight Mister Tom, Maisy had read a few extracts from this at school and really wanted to finish it. We headed to the local library to find a copy.
  • The Emergency Zoo. I think Goodnight Mister Tom gave Maisy a taste for books set in WW2 so her current read is The Emergency Zoo which she is really enjoying.
  • Holes. A favourite of mine when I was at school, it’s such a great story and will keep you little ones engrossed throughout.
  • The Princess Diaries. Bella has been loving reading this series. Again they’re books I read myself at a younger age and they cover lots of preteen dilemmas.
  • Holly Webb, Lottie Is absolutely obsessed with this author, they’re perfect for her age (7). She has a huge (and growing) collection of her books.
  • Roald Dahl, the classics. They’re great books to start on when you’re first encouraging your children to read, or reading together, at home.

Don’t forget to check out Books2Door BookPoints scheme and sign up now!


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