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I have mentioned previously how important reading is to us as a family. I feel in this tech generation we spend so long looking at screens and being led by the media into what we should see and feel. Reading allows you to take the words on a page and use your own imagination to picture those characters and the settings. You get a real in-depth description of characters thoughts and feelings and for children especially I think this goes a long long way to helping them understand their own thoughts and feelings. I have always been a reader, from…

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5 tips for parents running an SME

Parenthood is not too dissimilar to running a business. Both are highly rewarding – and highly demanding – endeavours, and managing your small business alongside raising a family can put a strain on your time, energy and resources.  But both are highly worthwhile, and with hard work and determination, you can build a successful business that supports your family. With that in mind, these are just five simply tips to balance your business with family life.   1. Be patient with your business – and yourself  Building your brand up from the ground takes time, and won’t happen overnight.  Don’t…

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Meet Bruce!

Yes, I am crazy and I know I already have my hands full. But…. Everyone meet the newest edition to our family – Bruce!! Another little blonde to add to the family, and finally a boy! HA. Bruce is a Goldador and he is now almost 14 weeks old. He’s been with us since 9 weeks old and what a crazy few weeks it has been for us. I grew up with labradors so I felt quite confident with the breed but as he is my first dog as an adult it has been a real learning curve. Having said…

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