My Friend’s Floors are Always So Clean. Why is Mine Not?

Whenever we visit our friends for a get-together, cheeky wine night or a coffee date, there always comes that occasion where we look at how amazing their floor looks yet we know they are always so busy. How do they always manage to keep it looking so good when ours has seen better days and we struggle to find a day to clean it properly? The answer may lay in the type of flooring they use. If they have a wooden floor that always retains its pristine look, chances are they have luxury wood effect vinyl flooring. This does not…

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Top Benefits Of Having An Effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment

For most people, unwanted body and facial hairs can be quite distressing, especially when they can’t find a hair removal solution that will be effective and painless.Unwanted hair growth can not only affect the skin but also lowers the self-confidence and self-esteem.This is why you need to get the hair removed so that your appearance can become confident and bold. Out of the several hair removal techniques that dermatologists usually prefer, the laser technology has proven to be the most effective one.Even though the laser hair removal has become quite popular, people still have a lot of speculations about this…

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Elsie Is Six Months Old!

Elsie is six months old! Where on earth did the last six months go! It’s passed by in the click of the fingers but equally it feels like she’s been here with us forever and my big bump is a distant memory. Hitting the six month mark brings about lots of changes, Elsie is now having food. Lots of it – she’s taken really well to weaning but she knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t! Elsie seems to have taken after mummy and has a sweet tooth. She loves her fruit and yogurts but the more savoury…

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