Elsie Is Four Months

My little lady has been with us for a whole 4 months now! It has gone so incredibly fast but at the same time I can’t remember life without her now. She slotted in like the missing puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing. She’s getting so big now and changing all the time so i thought I would share a little ‘Elsie update’. Elsie at four months What a little sweetie here she is doing her least favourite activity – sleeping!  Elsie’s sleep was getting so much better; she was going to bed at about 6:30/7pm and then…

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Life Lately..

Eeeek I have really been neglecting my little corner of internet space! I love my blog so much but with the baby, kids, youtube etc I have found less and less time to get to typing. It’s funny though as of all the platforms I am on this is for sure where I feel most comfortable. As I sit with my head phones on, a sleeping baby in my lap and my laptop open in front of me I remember how much I love and miss it! Any who a little update on life lately – I don’t know how…

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How to Introduce New Food to Your Baby

Introducing new food is one of the greatest and most important milestones of a baby’s development. It provides the baby with the required nutrients, but it also helps them learn about different foods’ tastes and textures. There’s a full world of flavours to explore from juicy mango to creamy avocado to savoury cheese. The World Health Organization, recommends feeding a baby with breast milk or formula exclusively for the first six months after birth; they also recommend introducing new foods into the mix after six months. However, it is advisable to nurse your young one before giving other foods since…

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