Hello June..

Goodbye May and hello June.

I can’t quite believe it’s June! half the year has now flown by and what a crazy 6 months it has been. Although we haven’t done a great deal, with the global pandemic it’s been one none of us will forget thats for sure.

May for us was all about getting out and enjoying the sunshine! We have been blessed with some absolutely gorgeous weather the last few weeks. With the lockdown restrictions eased ever so slightly the girls and I have been making the most of living in this beautiful seaside town. Seemingly so have lots of others but as we are local we know where to find the quiet beach spots so we have been making the most of the time we have left off school. Packing up picnics, jumping waves and lazing on giant pizza inflatables.

It’s been pretty lush if I am honest. If it wasn’t for the restrictions on social contact with friends and family I would probably go as far to say I am now enjoying it! Of corse the worry of Covid-19 is still rife but the way of life – I could get used to.

Our house move is still on hold – joy. But we’re hoping that’ll change in the next week or so and we can get ready to set up home in our new house. It can’t come quick enough really as everyday we are getting closer to the arrival of baby girl.

I have now completed month 6 of this pregnancy. As we approach the third and final trimester I am very conscious that we really ought to get things prepared for baby girl but it seems silly to buy all the big baby bits just to move it again soon. I am giving it till the end of June and if we still aren’t in the new house I will start getting organised regardless, can’t have her sleeping in a shoe box now can we!

We finished off May with a birthday – MY birthday! Although it was a lockdown birthday it was still pretty great. The day started with cold nutella on toast prepared at 6:30am by my lovely daughters. We then pottered down to the beach for most of the day before heading home where I had a little tea party at home. We danced, played games and ate cake – what more could a girl want? Oh a big glass of wine but being pregnant meant strictly fizzy water for me!

All in all it’s been a good month! June is set to be full of more of the same, more home schooling, more trips to the beach, more growing of this baby and hopefully seeing a little bit more of our friends and family!

See you in a month to find out how it’s gone! xx


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