Sick of the smell of cigarettes? Discover how to freshen up your home here

Do you cringe every time you have a guest in your house? Do you worry that they’re picking up on the smell of your cigarettes? Is it in the upholstery of your sofa, your curtains and carpets? The smell of stale cigarette smoke is enough to make even the most house-proud person squirm uncomfortably, but what can be done?

Is it ever possible to get rid of the smell of smoke? If you have small children in the house and you’re making an effort not to smoke in front of them, it’s still difficult not to bring the smoke into your home and into your walls and upholstery. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can eliminate the smell of cigarettes in your home and create a healthy, fresh environment for your guests and your children to enjoy.


The simplest solution will also have a positive impact on your health. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but if you switch to vaping products as part of your quitting journey, you may find the process a little easier. Check out for the latest in vaping equipment and e-liquids. Many successful quitters report that once they have officially quit, the smell of cigarettes is then unbearable – so you certainly won’t want it in your home afterwards!

Remove the source

Do you have ashtrays lying around? Removing the source of the odour is certainly a positive step towards getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke. So, empty all your ashtrays and give them a good clean with bleach.

Air out your house

Thankfully, the weather is a little warmer these days so opening all your windows and doors to air out your home won’t be too unbearable. Bringing in some much-needed fresh air will help eliminate the odour.

If it’s fabric – wash it!

Cigarette smoke likes to cling to fabric odours and they’re difficult to expel. Forget spraying them with fabric sprays and room fresheners, they’ll only cover up the smell until they dissipate. Instead, get everything that’s made of fabric washed properly, either in the washing machine, at the dry cleaners or hire an upholstery cleaner to do the job for you. This includes duvets, curtains, and your sofa!

Try purifying plants

Did you know that many houseplants actually work to purify the air around them? This makes them ideal for helping you remove the smell of smoke from your home.


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