BLOPENS are one of those activities that instantly take me back to childhood. I remember having these as a child and spending hours creating picture after picture to decorate my bedroom. When I was asked if the girls and I would like to give this BLOPENS Rainbow set a try I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, let alone the kids! The set contains 6 different colour BLOPENS which can be used either as a single colour or with the 3 in 1 sprayer. There is also 6 reusable stencils and 6 paper sheets. Perfect to get you started but…

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8 FREE Home Learning Apps & Websites I LOVE!

8 Home Learning Apps & Websites I love using during lockdown.

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A Day In The Life In Lockdown

Our days look a lot different lately. I used to feel guilty staying at home with the kids all day. Feeling like they had missed out on some great adventure or the chance to create family memories. Now I feel guilty if we’re out for ‘too long’ or if I forgot something in the food shop and have to pop out for an extra top up mid-week. The new daily routine is feeling more and more the norm for a lot of us I thought I would share a day in the life in lockdown with us and how things…

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