Pregnancy In Isolation

Being pregnant can be stressful at any given time; there are so many changes so even the most planned out pregnancies leave you with lots of questions when it comes to things like maternity leave, living arrangements etc. Now throw in the biggest worldwide health pandemic for a century whilst you’re pregnant to make it even more interesting. I am 18 weeks pregnant and we are in the midst of living in isolation due to Covid-19.  Two weeks ago the government advice changed to move pregnant women into the vulnerable category of this virus. At that moment my heart sank…

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Lottie Turns SIX!

Lottie is SIX!  It’s a cliche and I say it every time we have a birthday but I really can’t believe she is another year older. Her birthday fell in the half term, so I took a couple of days annual leave and we had the best family day all together celebrating her sixth birthday. It’s been a crazy last few months; with being pregnant, Christmas, Maisy and Bella’s birthdays also thrown in the mix. We decided not to have a party but just a nice day out all together. Our day started early (as most children’s birthday’s tend to…

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Pregnancy Update |Week 13-14|

I blame myself for this. I published a post a couple of weeks ago about how to get through the first trimester. I thought I was over the morning sickness, over the feeling exhausted – oh how wrong I was… Around the start of week 13; just on the come down of telling everyone our exciting news etc I started to feel super rough again. I couldn’t work out if it was pregnancy related or I was just a little bit ill at first. I started getting really intense migraines everyday, the only relief from the pounding in my head came…

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