There’s some new dolls on the block that my girls have been putting to the test.. introducing – Candylocks!

Candylocks are deliciously scented collectible dolls with hair so long and soft, it looks and feels just like candy floss!

Bella opened up her Candylocks doll and couldn’t wait to start styling her super long hair. Every Candylocks has 15 inches of long scented hair they can brush and style! Bella has loved practising plaits on her Candylocks doll!

It comes out like a huge ball of fluff which the girls all loved! obviously it also smells amazing! Underneath all this hair you will find your doll, each 3-inch doll has its own sweets-inspired theme, unique scent and 6 hair accessories to customise her look.
There are over 20 Candylocks dolls to collect, at just £9.99 these make a great pocket money prize!

We also had the fantastic Straw Mary to test out! Straw Mary is £19.99, this  7-inch Candylocks doll smells just like delicious strawberries and comes with 3 accessories as well as hair chalk and a clip in the hair extension to take customising her hair to the next level!

The box must have been dropped in transit because the hair chalk was all broken up so we struggled to use that but other than that Lottie had great fun with her Straw Mary creating lots of fun hair styles and introducing her new crazy haired doll to her other toys. Just love watching their imaginations come to life through play.

The girls have loved playing with their new Candylocks dolls, I love how bright and colourful they are!

The girls can’t wait to collect more – I can see one or two making their way into stockings this Christmas!

These products were sent for the purpose of review all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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