Goodbye July Hello August!

Yes I am very late to getting around to writing this months post. Of corse I am going to blame my busy schedule but basically we’ve just been having way to much fun for me to sit down and start writing!

July was a little bit of an end of an era, Bella finished her time at infant school, junior school is looming and she is so excited! Lottie also finished her first year of reception, those first few days back in September when she cried for her big sisters half the day now seem like a million years ago she’s loved school this year and really thrived.

They all had a fab year this year at school with great teachers who really helped them grow. They each received glowing reports which made me beam! It’s sad to see them leave but they have plenty more adventures to come!

We also headed off on our summer holiday – woooo. 5 days in France with Eurocamp was incredible! It was so lovely to just have family time, no rushing, no deadlines – just us. We also made one of the girls dreams come true with a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, they were speechless when we told them and Lottie’s little face beaming all day just made me want to cry I was so happy.

We took a trip to the circus, which we all loved! Although I was nearly having kittens with some of the crazy stunts -the girls were full of gasps and amazement.

July saw the sun shining, yay summer finally got the memo and arrived. We enjoyed time at the beach, my crazy girls had to be dragged away from the sea at times, I love watching them swim in the sea.

We finished the month off at Camp Bestival – I think 2019 was the best year to date. We had a blast and I’ll be sharing more on that in a week or so. For now if you want to see what we got up to you can watch this little video I made.

So all this while working full time and starting the summer holiday juggle…

August is set to be another fun filled month, the girls are at holiday club twice a week (so far they’re loving it) and I am making the most of our weekends off together while also attempting to get prepared for back to school.

On that note.. see you in September! 


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