How to Look Good When You Don’t Have the Time

Look Good on a Time Crunch

We all feel our best when we look our best, so it is understandable that you want to be able to take the time to get ready and feel great! Well, unfortunately for most of us, time isn’t something we get much of these days! Whether it’s work, the school run or some other commitment, there is little time to get ready in the morning. You could, of course, get up earlier, but can we really afford to sacrifice our precious sleep time? I know I can’t. That’s why I came up with some quick and easy ways to look good fast, cutting some corners and making sure to have all the right items for a speedy morning get ready. Keep reading for tips on how to look good when you don’t have the time.

Clothing That Fits Right

Looking and feeling good means looking put together, and having clothes that fit you perfectly is a great way to do this. When you don’t have much time to get ready it is a great idea to have one or two outfits that you know you can put on and automatically feel great in. Making sure they fit perfectly is the key to this, which is where clothing alterations come in. There is something about clothing that is perfectly altered to your body that just makes you look and feel better, and the best part is you know you’ll feel great whenever you put it on. This means no time wasting trying on 6 different outfits in the morning, just simply slip on one of your perfectly fitted dresses, jeans or t shirts and you are ready to go.

Makeup Essentials

A full face of makeup takes far too much time for when we are in a hurry! Sticking to only the essential steps will save you a lot of time while still leaving you looking and feeling great. For me, I skip foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser instead. This is a lot quicker and easier to apply as you don’t have to worry about perfect blending or missing patches. Follow this with some concealer to cover any areas you are particularly conscious of, such as any dark circles or uneven patches. Add a bit of life to your face with some bronzer and a subtle highlighter, giving you that glowing bronzed look we are all desperate for. Finish off by filling in your eyebrows, putting some mascara on and choosing a lip colour that suits the day ahead. If you really want to distract from an area on your face go for a bold lip colour, the perfect distraction tool.

Night Before Prep

When we have little time in the morning it is important to utilise the night before as much as possible. Whether this means laying out your clothes for the next day, doing your hair or packing your bag, you will be surprised at how much you can prepare the night before. I find that straightening my hair works best for me, meaning all i have to do to my hair is brush through and touch it up here and there then I’m ready to go! Hair preparation is especially handy when you have high maintenance hair that you don’t want to have to tie up for you day.

So that’s how I make myself look and feel good when I don’t have the time. What routine works for you in the morning? Let me know in the comments below!


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