Protecting and taking care of your rings

Whether you’ve invested a lot of money into your ring collection, or whether your rings hold sentimental value, you’ll want to make sure they’re protected and cared for. 

Looking after your rings is simpler than you might think. With minimal effort, you can ensure your ring collection looks just as beautiful as it did the day you received it. Here, you’ll discover the best ways to protect and take care of your rings for maximum durability.

Make sure you store them separately

It’s important to make sure you’re storing your rings correctly. Ideally, you should never store your rings together. This is because different gemstones feature a differing hardness, with some scratching a lot easier than others. So, make sure they are stored separately, ideally in individual ring boxes. 

An additional benefit of storing them separately is that it will protect them in the event of a burglary. If they are all stored together in the same place, it’s going to be easy for someone to steal them all. 

Consider taking out insurance

Speaking of theft, when you’ve spent a lot of money on rings from top brands like F. Hinds, it makes sense to ensure they’re protected. Taking out insurance will ensure that if they are stolen, or damaged in some way, you’ll receive the funds needed to either replace or repair them. 

While money may not be able to replace sentimental jewellery, it will still provide you with some compensation until the thieves are hopefully caught. If you have contents insurance, you could always update it to include the cost of your rings. 

Know when to remove them

While you may not want to take your rings off, there are some situations when you should remove them. Chores such as doing the laundry or washing up can lead to both loss and damage. The last thing you want is for your sparkling, expensive rings to end up going through a cycle in the wash! Similarly, you should always remove them when gardening and doing any manual tasks. 

If you take the time to look after your ring collection, they’ll look as good as new for years to come. The above is some of the basic steps to protect and care for your rings. It’s also important to remember that when it comes to cleaning them, you should always use a specialist jewellery cleaner to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals. 


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