Great Home-Based Jobs for Mums

Thanks to technology, mums really can have it all. There are lots of home-based businesses busy mums can set up and easily run from the comfort of their own homes. This allows you to be there for your kids, while still bringing in an income.

Not sure what type of business you could set up? Below, you’ll discover some great home-based jobs for mums.

Become an online seller

One of the easiest work from home business ideas is to become an online seller. Sites such as EBay, Etsy and Shopify have made it easy for mums to set up an online store. You can sell practically anything too. Whether you want to focus on creating handmade products, or selling existing well-known brands, you can do it easily online.

With this type of business, delivery is an important thing to consider. Customers will expect you to deliver their goods quickly and affordably. So, you’ll want to develop a good relationship with a parcel delivery company.

Offer freelance services

Freelancing has become a popular option for mums. Allowing you to offer various services without being employed full-time, this line of work provides maximum flexibility. You can set your own hours, as well as your own rates.

Common freelancing professions include photography, web design, consultancy, and writing. Take a look online to see whether your skills could be used in a freelance career.

At-home beauty therapist or hairdresser

If you have a passion for beauty or hair, why not set up as a home-based beautician or hairdresser? Clients will need to come to your home, but it allows you flexibility over when you work.

You’ll need to have a dedicated area to work on your clients, as well as professional equipment. This business idea does cost a little more to set up than the others on the list, but it’s also going to be potentially very profitable. It also provides some level of job security too as people are always going to want to look their best.

Overall, there’s a lot of work from home ideas you can try out. However, the above are definitely three of the best for mums to consider. Think about your skills and the type of work you’re interested in doing. If you’re passionate, or at least interested in the type of business you’re setting up, it’s going to become much more successful.


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