Lounge Updates With Wayfair

Last year the lounge went through a big transformation. The magnolia that had been stinging my eyes since I moved in 3 years ago was long gone and a cool grey in it’s place. The wood work went went from a unfinished burnt red shade to a crisp white and instantly the room felt refreshed and so much bigger! It is amazing the difference a lick of paint can make to a room.

Whilst I am so happy with how the new decor turned out, I always felt like there were a few little final finishing touches that were missing.

I couldn’t quite figure out what it was but then I spotted a gorgeous rug in Wayfair and realised it would make such a difference to our space. There were a a few things I didn’t like about my previous rug; one it didn’t fill the space properly – a little bit too small, and two it was such a thick shaggy rug it was almost impossible to keep clean for more than 5 minutes. Dust/crumbs and just about anything seemed to collect in there.

When I spotted the Thelma Trellis Sliver Rug, I instantly loved it. I love the pale grey with the cream detailing. It makes the room feel cosy yet still fresh and not too busy.

While there are still some more little bits and pieces I would like to change in this room – a new sofa would be nice, I feel as though this one change has made all the difference for now. It fills the space nicely and ties in nicely with the rest of the room.

Pink with grey is my favourite colour combo right now, I love the pop of colour it gives an otherwise neutral room! It works really nicely as we transition into spring as well.

Now to prepare for the next house hold change –  a new kitchen! I am currently preparing for my home to descend into utter chaos for a few days whilst it is installed.

Disclaimer: this post has been written in collaboration with Wayfair. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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