Finding the perfect pet

My daughters love animals. They have done ever since they were tiny. when they find there’s an opportunity to play with a pup or stroke a cat they are always first in the queue. Recently they have been asking over and over again if we can get another pet – this has been going on for months.

They have said how much they would like a dog for a while but recently their attention has turned to a slightly larger pet. Both Bella and Maisy have shown a real interest in getting into horse riding.

I blame the series ‘Free Rein’ that they have been obsessed with on Netflix. For those who aren’t familiar, Free Rein follows the story of a group of young UK teens with horses, it’s all about hanging out at the stables etc and I think they love the idea of being part of that community.

While I wouldn’t be at all adverse to the girls taking on a new hobby, I need them to know just how much of a commitment a horse would be before looking into it any further. It’s something completely new to me too so I have been doing my research.
There is just so much to take into account. Firstly and a big one for me – the cost. Owning a horse is expensive. Not even just that initial purchase but all the additional costs, from trainers to fields to, to ensuring the horse has the best nutrition like Spillers horse feed it all adds up very quickly when owning a horse.
Next there is the skill in learning to ride a horse, you need to be fearless, you need to be brave and above all you need to be willing to fall and get back up again. My first thoughts would be to join a club and get the girls up to a certain level before even thinking about taking it any further. I’d need to see that one, they love it and two they aren’t going to want to give it up.

The last thing for me to take into account is – the care, not just of a horse, but this goes for any animal.

We already have a cat, as you guys may remember from this post. But as we all know cats are rather self sufficient. Rosie in particular is very independent and we can sometimes go days without seeing her while she’s off on an adventure. I did used to worry but I have come to learn it’s just the way our crazy little kitty is!

Basically as long as the kids don’t expect another pet to as low maintenance as Rosie then we should be fine.

Getting any pet is a huge commitment and one I don’t take lightly for our household. Next step for us is,  I am going to contact some local stables to see if we can get the girls in for a horse riding course and let them really see what goes into looking after a horse and to see it’s not quite as easy as it looks on the tele.

Do you have any pets, or experience with getting children into horse riding? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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