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Working from home can be tough. Whilst the idea of having the freedom to be your own boss and manage your own time is very appealing the reality of it is sometimes tricky. Managing my time is what I struggle with the most when I work at home. I know I need to be strict to ensure deadlines are met but having distractions all around me are often my downfall.

Creating a workspace that promotes productivity is key, in this post I will share with you some of my tips and tricks to keeping myself on the ball to ensure getting as much done as possible.

The work area

The first and most effective (in my experience) way to ensure you stay productive, is to create a workspace that inspires you.
You need to design an area you want to spend time in and keep that space clutter free.
It doesn’t always need to be a big office, a little corner designated to work will do. That’s exactly what I have, a little corner in the lounge dedicated to work. It faces away from the TV and when I am sat there I am straight into work mode. Corner desks are a great way to utilise a small space, LionsHome have a great selection of office desks with fantastic storage.
Which brings me onto the point of keeping the space clutter free. Don’t let your work area become a dumping ground in the house. I am guilty of letting this happen in the past but then I don’t want to sort the mess before I can sit down to work so I find myself on the sofa with the laptop instead, which is just the easiest place to be distracted.

Inspire creativity

I wrote a whole blog post about creating an inspiring work space before and I still think it’s so important to keep you productive. Have quotes around you that make you feel good. Have some funky pen holders or some pretty flowers, what ever makes you feel good about sitting there. I love little office accessories they bring a space to life. Listen to a podcast for 10 minutes before you start work to pump you up or listen to your favourite music as you type away. Some people need absolute silence to work, I prefer background noise – see what works for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Schedule scroll time

We all get caught up in social media and find ourselves scrolling for far too long – so schedule the time to do it. Set a timer and get it out of the way but know when the timer goes off so does the social media. Social media itself can be a great place to find ideas and inspiration but spending half your day on it will achieve very little.

Have breaks

Keep productivity alive by taking breaks, even if its just to cook some lunch or have a coffee in another room. Stepping away from the screen for a little bit of time will allow you to come back feeling refreshed.

Find a work buddy

Do you have a friend that also works from home? Perhaps someone you have met at a networking event – work together!
Working together can really help productivity. I think anyone who works from home will agree it can be lonely, having someone to bounce ideas around with is so refreshing and even if in that few hours you don’t get a great deal done due to coffee and chit chat you can bet you’ll come away feeling raring to go.

So those are my tips for keeping the productivity alive when you work from home, do you have any to add?

*Collaborative post with LionsHome.




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