The perfect creative outlet for all of my girls! LEGO Friends Heart Boxes |REVIEW|

Something I often hear about my daughters is how similar they are. People comment on how they all look the same and could have been twins on first glance, I don’t really see it but then that’s because as their mum I know them inside and out. I know that whilst they might have some similar features they are really very different. They have different interests, they have different ideas about what they want to be when they grow up and if I tried to dress them matching like I used to when they were small they would certainly have something to say about it.

One thing they do all share is their love for LEGO. LEGO Friends have launched a range of Heart Boxes that celebrate the different interests we all have. The range is based on the 5 LEGO  Friends; Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie who all have different passions that reflects those of our children – from sports to science. 

For Maisy I chose Emma; Emma loves to make things and all the items in her heart-shaped box reflect her arty character, such as a camera, drawing pad and art pen. Maisy loves to create, she can spend hours upon hours drawing, colouring and making. 

For Bella and Lottie I chose Stephanie; Stephanie is sporty. She comes with a tennis racket and ball so she’s ready to display her sporting skills wherever she is. Bella and Lottie are definitely more active than crafty. Give them a ball in a field and they’re gone.

The girls loved not only building these LEGO sets but playing with them afterwards, with each character having their own backstory it really encourages role play. Also I love how you can store the figure and her items in the heart shaped box after, it’s such a good way to keep them safe, and even better they’re stackable so as your collection grows you can stack them on top of each other. LEGO that comes with it’s own storage is a huge bonus for us mums.

I love watching my girls work together as the follow the step by step instructions. LEGO really is a great toy for bringing everyone together, it’s our favourite activity to do as a family at the moment. I had never really tried LEGO with my girls in the past but the LEGO Friends sets have been a huge hit over the last few months. Our collection seems to grow with every birthday that passes.

If you’re thinking about introducing your children to LEGO, the Heart Boxes are a perfect starting point and I just know your children will love them as much as mine do. 

*This is a paid collaboration with LEGO – all thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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