Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise |REVIEW|

The latest Num Nom products arrived for the girls to test out this week and they couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

They’ve been huge fans of Num Noms for years now and the excitement doesn’t fade. The new Mystery Make Up Surprises contain new characters you’ll find a nail polish, shimmer, body spray or body lotion inside, which are all lightly scented! The bottle container is reusable and doubles as a house playset for your yummy character. Each character also comes with a ‘Nom’ lip gloss.
We’ve got so many of these lip glosses already and they kids actually us them regularly, they’ve been great as lip balms in the cold weather.

For their surprises Bella and Lottie both had a body spray and Maisy got some shimmer which they have all been loving using.
The make up products themselves are all very subtle, nothing too much for young children but it’s nice for them to be able to be able to play with and experiment. They see me doing make up all the time so they quite like enjoy playing dress up – thankfully with there own little products they steer clear of trying to get their hands on my make up collection!

The girls really love anything that is collectable so they have already been talking about using their own pennies to get some more. It’s great for them to look forward to adding another character to their collection and really encourages them to be on their best behaviour. They’re hoping for nail varnish next time so we can have matching manicures all round.

Do your children play with Num Noms?

Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise RRP’s at £9.99 and are for ages 5-8. These products were kindly gifted to us for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions are my own/ 



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