How to Grow Your Collection of Makeup without Spending Money

If like me, you are a fan of beauty products you’ll know that the cost associated can quickly mount up. You can end up spending so much for just a few of the beauty products when you are trying to build your collection. Whilst growing a collection is costly for some, the truth is that there are several ways to get plenty of products free of charge from some of the leading brands in the industry, including bareMinerals, MAC, and even Estee Lauder. If you are ready to start collecting free products and growing your collection, continue reading this helpful guide.

Why Are Companies Providing Makeup for Free?

Different companies that sell makeup are always looking to find out what other people think of the products they are offering, so they tend to give away all kinds of samples for free to get people to test those products out for them. The free samples are ideal because then you can try the products before officially buying the full-size options. Many companies believe that if an individual loves the sample enough, they will go on to buy the product from them. Because it is a competitive market, brands need to do what they can to get consumers to choose their products and that is yet another reason why they often offer these sample products.

You can start obtaining the freebies in different ways. Lots of people go looking for beauty products and that means you need to work on getting them quickly before they are no longer available. If you want to get alerts on freebies that are currently available, you should subscribe to receive alerts from Magic Freebies WhatsApp. You will receive information on freebies directly on your phone as soon as they become available.

Take Advantage of Giveaways

It is entirely possible to get a lot of great free products by participating in giveaways that are taking place online. It has become even easier to participate in these giveaways thanks to social media sites. Most companies are connecting with their consumers through social media and are having the consumers participate in the giveaways by encouraging them to share product photos and use specific hashtags. These giveaways are often put together when a brand has come up with a new product and they want to get the word out about it. Winners are selected and eventually receive different beauty items.

Provide Reviews

When a company first releases a new beauty product, they need to find out if it is any good. While they may have faith in the product, they need to know what the consumers think because the consumers are most important. The best way for these companies to figure out the pros and cons of their products is to provide free samples in exchange for honest feedback. Companies often request feedback in exchange for the beauty products people love to use, even if the feedback is brutally honest and provides tips on what the consumers feel the company can do better to improve the product.

There are several review panels you can join if you would like to provide insight and honest reviews for free samples of all kinds of wonderful products. Some of these different products include:


The Insiders

Boots Volunteer Panel

Along with these three options, there are plenty of other review panels to join. Just do a quick online search to find the panels that are currently accepting new members to join in on the fun, then you can start getting some great products shipped directly to you.

Join a Beauty Club for Free Samples

Debenhams Beauty Club is also worth joining because they provide at least one beauty-related freebie on a monthly basis. Members of the beauty club can just go to the store to claim their free item. You never know what you are going to get, which makes it so exciting. You may end up with a perfume sample, foundation sample, or something else that you will love using. In the past several months, the beauty club has provided some awesome freebies, including a full-sized container of Rituals Shower Foam and a serum from bareMinerals.

If you decide to become a member, you can receive notification via email when freebies are available and when giveaways are taking place. The easiest way to claim a freebie is to visit the Debenhams that is closest to you with your store card. You should also know that members of the beauty club will get a free product on their birthday. When you love getting free items, this is the beauty club to join, so make sure you sign up today.

Go to the Beauty Counters for Free Items

If you want to test a product out, you should stop by a beauty counter at one of many stores that sell beauty products and request a free sample of the product you want to use. Plenty of brands have a lot of samples to offer to those looking to see if they are going to like something or not. It is often difficult to find the perfect foundation for your skin type and that is why foundation samples are often readily available. You want to make sure you are using something that blends with your complexion and provides the kind of coverage you want.

Some of the leading brands in the industry are known for providing large samples of foundation at absolutely no cost to the consumer. Some of these brands include Dior, Bobbi Brown, and Estee Lauder. When visiting a store that sells beauty products, speak to one of the makeup artists and let them know that you would like to find a new foundation and have an interest in testing out different samples.

Join Competitions for Products

You may even have an opportunity to get free products by getting involved in different competitions. There is no guarantee that you are going to win the competition, but it is always worth a shot if it means getting some free beauty products. If you are going to participate in any competition, make sure it is a legitimate one before you put forth any effort.

Now that you know all the different ways to get free beauty-related products, you should start taking advantage of these opportunities. You can grow your collection of makeup and beauty products without even spending any money.


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