Christchurch Harbour Hotel With Bournemouth Bloggers

A few weeks ago I was invited down to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel with a group of Bournemouth Bloggers to explore the spa and have a sneaky peak at the new treatment rooms!

I’ve visited Christchurch Harbour a few times in the past but so much had changed it felt like so fresh and new.

We started off relaxing in the HarSpa. The spa isn’t the biggest but they don’t let it get over crowded so it’s perfect, they have a jacuzzi, pool, sauna, steam room and a couple of relaxation rooms, I can happily spend hours hopping from room to room but after what felt like 5 minutes of catching up with the girls (more like an hour) we headed off for a treatment.

I opted for a facial; my skin always feels so dehydrated in the winter months so my beauty therapist set about adding all the moisture back into my skin. The beauty therapists at Christchurch Harbour are all fantastic, really professional and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. The rooms themselves looked fantastic, nothing too fancy just modern, simplistic and fresh.

After our treatments it was time for lunch, and more chit chatting as you probably guessed. It’s so nice to have some time with people that do the same thing as you, you can talk all things blogging to your hearts content and nobody questions why you are taking photos of your food! Which brings me on to .. the food!

The Christchurch Harbour Hotel have an amazing menu in the Upper Deck restaurant. I had chicken schnitzel for main – it was delicious the portion size was so generous it was a tough one to finish but fear not I made it through. My 1 piece of broccoli was bit odd, it didn’t look quite right just on its lonesome but hey ho on the whole the dish was perfection.

Obviously I had to have the honey comb chocolate brownie for dessert because if you know anything about me you’ll know I am chocolate obsessed – this did defeat me though I am ashamed to say!

The restaurant has also had a little bit of a make over since I last visited, I loveeeee the use of colour in here now it looks amazing.

A huge thank you to Christchurch Harbour Hotel for hosting us, it was a gorgeous day. 


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