How to Save Money by Buying Men’s Shirts and Tops

At this time of the year, money can be tight. Most of us are expecting a big credit card bill because of Christmas. As a result, few of us have much spare cash available to buy clothes. With this in mind, I thought a budget fashion article might come in handy. But, rather than suggest you re-work what you already own or go to the charity shops I have come up with another idea.

It came to me when I was browsing through the Jacamo website and realised that a lot of men’s shirts, long-sleeved polo shirts and t-shirts are a lot cheaper than the women’s versions are. The level of price difference surprised me, but when I looked into things a bit more, I realised that is totally normal.

In most countries, men’s clothing is cheaper than women’s. A recent survey by The Business of Fashion showed that even the top-end retailers were in the habit of charging women more than men. I won’t name names here, but I was shocked to read that one retailer was selling the women’s version of a striped sweater for $240 more than the men’s version.

That sucks, but, for now at least, that is just the way things are. The best we can do is to take advantage of this fact and find ways to add more men’s clothing to our wardrobes.

Buying men’s tees and polo shirts for yourself

It is easy to do this with T-shirts and long-sleeved polo shirts. The cuts are more or less the same, so they tend to fit most women well. Provided you know your size and are not big-busted you will have no problem finding something you can slip on under a blouse or jumper.

How to look stylish in a man’s shirt

When it comes to shirts, things get a little trickier. You may find that they are too tight across the bust area. This is certainly the case with the slimline cuts. But, provided you avoid that cut you can usually find something that fits well enough to be worn with jeans.

If you do have to buy a big size to find one to fit, don’t worry because you can still make it look great. Simply add a belt to turn a baggy shirt into a fashionable top for yourself.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that the sleeves can be a bit long. This is not a big problem. You just need to choose one that will look good with the cuffs turned back. If you do not want to do that, this YouTube video shows you the correct way to shorten the sleeve of a men’s shirt. It is far easier to do than you think it will be. 

More budgeting tips

Hopefully, you like this idea and the tips I have provided to help you to save money by buying and wearing men’s clothing. If you want to learn how to become more money savvy, please click here and read the recent article I wrote on that very subject.


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