Finding Your Confidence Again: What To Do After Injury

An injury of any kind, whether it’s sustained during your job role,while commuting from work, or while you are enjoying a bicycle ride, can be at best, damaging, at worst, life-changing. After all, injuries occur most commonly after an accident, and an accidentis certainlynot something anyone plans!

It means that while you need to recover from whatever injuryyou’ve picked up, you also need to cope with the shock and anger after the event. For some, it can cause themto lose confidence and self-esteem, makingthemreduce or even eliminate hobbies and past times which they once found comfort in, such as the bike ride mentioned above. If this happens to you, what can you do to find your confidence and happiness again?

Emotionally & Physically

Losing your confidence is, understandably, an emotional response to the shock, pain andanger after the injury has happened. It stands to reason thenthat to find your lost confidence; youneed to work through the emotions one by one, to ensure you give yourself time to heal. By doing so, you are not only recovering your lost confidence, but you are creating emotional building blocks you can use in the future.

One way to rebuild your lost confidence emotionally is by talking through the event with someone close to you. When you take the time to discuss what happened, to dissect the steps which led to the accident and injury, you will find ways it could have been avoided. This reflection is highly importantto ensure you know how to preventthe same accidentagain, and it can also help to replay the events and see where responsibility lies. You may discover that the injury was, unfortunately, caused by something you did, in which case, you know what not to do in the future. However, you may find out that it was the fault of someone else entirely, perhaps a driver opened their car door into the path of your bicycle.

After the anger and shock havesubsided, it’s time to take action. It’shighly worthwhile to seek advice on claiming compensation. While compensation won’t heal your external injuries, it can help to ease the financial pressure and ensurewho was at fault is held responsible. If this is a route you choose toexplore, visiting the experts at  can be a rewarding experience. By taking action, you are showing yourself and the world that you can overcome challenges and difficulties, further rebuilding your self-confidence.

When an injury causes a physical difference in either your appearance or how you move, this can naturally impact your confidence negatively. How we view ourselves is highly connected to our confidence, which means if we feel something is lacking or changed adversely, our self-esteemtakes a knock.

To combat this, you have a number ofsteps you could take, including:

  • Working with a physiotherapist
  • Seeking cosmetic help

If you seekthe assistance of a physiotherapist, they can work with your body and your injury to ensure you rebuild both your physical strength and your self-esteem.

For those injuries which leave permanentscarring, it may be advisable to consult a medical professional to see what help they can give to reduce any visible signs.



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