Making Most Of The ‘Why Not’ Moments With Milkybar®

So much has changed in our household recently with going back into full time work. I have been getting used the new routine and trying to juggle work, kids, and home life and the girls have been adjusting to extra nursery and after school clubs. It’s been a challenge, I won’t lie I am pretty exhausted by the end of each day but it’s been amazing. I love the new job and the girls have taken it all in their stride, kids are such resilient little things aren’t they. One thing I have struggled with since starting my new job…

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How to survive your children having chicken pox

Ah yes the dreaded chicken pox season is among us, my girls had it this time last year and once again it seems to be popping up everywhere. It is a horrible illness for anyone to go through but especially the little ones who often don’t understand just how important it is to get rest and not scratch! Today I am sharing with you my own experience and tips for how to survive the pox! As I said it was this time last year that Maisy and Bella were struck down with Chicken Pox, Lottie had had it a couple…

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So Slime DIY |Review|

I know it’s not just my girls that are obsessed with slime at the moment, it seems to be a new craze taking over all of children kind. When ever we spot it in a shop the kids go mad for it. So when Canal Toys got in touch and asked me if I’d like to test out their SO Slime DIY kit I knew it would be a huge hit. We have had ago at making it from scratch before, lets just say it didn’t go quite to plan. Having everything you need in the kit was just ideal…

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