Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no denying that interior design is subjective. When it comes to our homes, we’d like the décor to match our individual taste. As many of us design and decorate ourselves, mistakes are possible. There are common mistakes when it comes to interior design that are seen over and over again. If you know what to stay away from, you’re one step closer to creating the perfect look and feel in your home. Here’s a list of the mistakes you should be avoiding. Accessory Overload In modern interior design, space is a commodity held with the highest regard. Everyone knows…

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Getting Personal For End Of Term With Snapfish

I can’t quite believe we are already in the final school term of this year. While the end of every school year is a big deal, 2018 feels like a particularly huge milestone for my family. Lottie will be finishing nursery before embarking on her first year at school; it’s not only a huge step for her it will be the complete end or an era for me. Each of my girls have attended this nursery at one point or another over the years. We’ve built up a great relationship with all the staff, so saying goodbye to the team and…

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