The January Blues

The January blues are here guys! As much as I try and stay positive and feeling good January is always a tough month for me. It’s cold, dark and having just got over Christmas I now have two parties to plan for Bella and Lottie and the looming date of Scott heading back to work. When I feel blue I know the rest of my household does too, I get behind on chores and am generally snappy with everyone around me. I have a feeling many of you may be feeling the same as the hits on my beating the January blues…

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Upping My Coffee Game With Nespresso Lattissima Touch

Coffee plays a huge part in the start to my day.  I love it; the taste, the smell, the boost of energy it gives me to sort the lunches and get breakfast going. Without my morning fix I feel a bit sluggish. I don’t drink great quantities and I certainly don’t rely on it to get me through the day but it is my favourite part of my morning routine. Until recently my coffee game was weak. Hello instant gold roast. I started to realise how much I preferred a real coffee, a coffee with depth and lots of flavour.…

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Baffi Pizza – Old Town Poole

Pizza is up there with one of my favourite foods in the universe. I would go as far to say if I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would probably be pizza. As I have gotten older I have become some what of a pizza snob, I do not appreciate a soggy base thank you very much! Which is why when my favourite Pizza chain opened a new restaurant right down the road I was thrilled, and even more so when I was invited to try it out with a few other local…

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