Hello December

November seemed to pass us by in a blur, it was such a busy month for me work wise, December has come around ever so quickly.

As I get stuck into party prepping for Maisy’s birthday this weekend and writing lists for just about everything I need to do this month I thought it would be nice to stop for a minute and look back on all that November bought us!

November is one of those funny months, it’s cold and wet with no bank holidays and everyone is just willing it to be December so we can stop moaning about Christmas coming and actually start to enjoy it..

Despite my scooging throughout the month we still made some great memories so here are a few.

First off we went up to London for the day to see the new Paddington film! it’s such a lovely film if you haven’t taken the kids to see it yet then you really must. The girls chuckled throughout and I preferred it to the first film – Hugh Grant is fab in it.

The cold weather rolling in reignited our love of hot chocolates and bath bombs, we didn’t take much persuading to embrace the cosy nights in either. I am a real summer lover but there is something about diving under a blanket while the frost settles outside that you just can’t beat.

When we weren’t hiding under blankets and a sea of marshmallows we did wrap up and get out for some nice walks, my girls need fresh air. I need fresh air – wooly hats and gloves are just a god send!

In amongst the madness and mayhem that work and school have bought we still managed some quality family time and that really is all that matters to me. December is set to be another level of crazy but as always I will be sharing the adventure!


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