Classy Ways to Enjoy Your Family Photos

As you all know, I love my photography. It really is one of my passions. Over the course of a year, I typically take thousands of photos. Some are taken on a whim. These are simple snaps that just capture the moment. While others are taken in a more considered way. For landscape style shots, I tend to take the time to frame the shot and try out different settings so that I capture the full beauty of the scene. I am pleased to say I have some fantastic photos. Photos I plan to make better use of, which is why I have put together this article. Below is a summary of some of my favourite ways to make the most of your photos.

Turn them into artwork for your home

Sending your best photos off to a professional print firm like hellocanvas and having them turned into beautiful works of art for the home really could not be easier. All you need to do is to select a high-resolution image and upload it to their site. You get to choose the size, finish and frame type, making it easy to put together the right style of artwork for your home.

A retro photo cube

In modern homes, you rarely see photo cubes used, which is a bit of a shame because they are a really easy way to display six photos. They look great and fit in well with most styles of decor. Plus, they are really inexpensive and easy to get hold of.

A digital photo frame

Speaking of retro, why not dig out your old digital photo frame? They are a really easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to pull together the photos you want to display and load them up onto an SD card.

Put together a photo calendar

I recently used some of my favourite photos to create a unique, personalised calendar. It was really easy to do and I was impressed with the results.

Photo wrap some ornaments

If you have some old ornaments that you are bored with you could try giving them a new lease of life by photo wrapping them. You will be surprised by just how easy this is to do. All you need to do is to print the photo, wrap it around the ornament and spray it with transparent lacquer. With this method, you do not necessarily see the photo in its entirety. But, you will be able to create some really interesting effects using this innovative craft technique.

Create beautiful collage

Collages are a fantastic way to display a lot of photos all at once. They are super easy to put together, which means that you can update them on a regular basis. If you want to, you can theme them. For example, put together a collage featuring snaps from your last vacation. They also make really good presents.  As you can see from this post, there are many different styles of collages. This makes it really easy to put together one that fits in perfectly with the way your home is decorated.

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  1. December 25, 2017 / 4:50 pm

    I love thie idea of creating a beautiful collage. Thanks for sharing.

  2. December 25, 2017 / 5:58 pm

    I used to use do some wrap ornaments for photos. I love this concept and I am not getting bored until now.

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