Halloween Baking With Lalaloopsy

My daughters have all been big fans of Lalaloopsy dolls for a long time; They watch the show and Maisy has an ever growing collection she plays with regularly. When I was told about the new range of dolls being released to celebrate the Netflix animated series I just knew that Maisy would love them.

We were very kindly send the Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll and as she’s the best baker in Lalaloopsy land we were inspired to do some halloween baking; we love baking together so it was perfect combination.

As soon as we opened up the new doll we were suprised to see that lalaloopsy has had a little bit of a make over; they now have real brushable hair! When you have 3 budding little hair dressers in the house it is a huge hit. All of my girls can sit for such a long time brushing and styling their dolls hair so unsurprisingly this was the first thing Maisy did.

On to the baking; along side the Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll we had a lovely little halloween baking kit and apron set so we grabbed ‘Cookie’ (as she’s been nick named) and got busy in the kitchen.

How fab do these look, they are going to be the perfect addition to our halloween party!

The new Lalaloopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll RRP’s at £19.99. Every character has a unique personality based on the material she was sewn from so check out th full range of new dolls here. If your daughters love Lalaloopsy as much as mine they will make the perfect gift this Christmas.


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