Finishing Touches and why I can’t finish them..

Redecorating is hard graft. I recently discovered this when redoing our bedroom. My home felt like chaos for days as furniture scatted the hall way and then process seemed to be never ending it was always a case of oh we will need to replace this or this won’t match now. It is finally (after a few weeks and maybe a tantrum or two) taking shape and the idea I had in my head is coming to life, I love the way it is looking with the blush pinks and greys tying in beautifully. If you’re anything like me you’ll agree the key is in the details and the final finishing touches really take a room from nice to fantastic, these finishing touches are proving so tough and I am feeling very indecisive.

Number one on the list are new curtains/blinds I have been agonising over which ones to get! First thing I need to decide is whether I am a curtains or blinds girl; I have to have complete darkness for a decent night sleep so the black out blinds from VELUX look good, they’re sleek and perfectly fitted but you lose the cosy feel only curtains can provide.

Next is wall art; I love love love all the quotes and gorgeous prints that are around right now but there is a fine line between looking cool and chic and looking maybe a little cheesy. The Desenio prints seem to be everywhere right now are high on my ‘want list’ but there is just so much amazing choice I am totally torn with what is my taste and what I think will just look really cool and trendy (cool is totally just not me).

I am completely in awe of all the amazing interiors bloggers I follow who seem to get a look together in an instant, they have the eye for it and know what works. By the time I do finish this room I am sure every trend I like will be completely out dated but at least I will like it! Any inspiration or advice would be so welcome right now.

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  1. October 4, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    I agree, the “Devil is in the detail”. I like the cushions in your picture, I think the various shades of pink work perfectly with grey! We’ve found some interesting choices in the Range too – although I was skeptical at first.

  2. Joanna
    October 5, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    I am in the middle of redecorating my living room as well and I find it hard to finally finish it. Indeed the touches are the ones that make it cosy. I am searching for the perfect curtains at the moment.

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