Growing her water wings with Zoggs

All my children love the water. They have enjoyed splashing about in a pool, the sea or even just the bath since a really young age! Over the years I have found it tough to take all three of them swimming by myself. Most pools have restrictions about the ratio of adults to children you can have under a certain age. It’s become one of those activities we can only really do with another pair of hands. I did lessons with Lottie when she was a baby and if I’m honest it was just stressful, she really cried because it was…

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Steps ahead – What types of shoe are best for your feet?

There’s nothing that beats that feeling of finding that perfect pair of shoes. Whether they cost the Earth or not is often irrelevant! But did you know that some types of shoe can actually cause more harm than good? Sure, they look great, but are they wreaking havoc? Or setting you up for pain in the future? Of course, if you suffer from foot problems visiting a foot clinic is often the best idea – but they do say that prevention is better than cure! So, lets have a look at the different types of shoes available, which ones leave…

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Hello September!

Sitting here and writing a Hello September post seems mental! August feels like it has flown by but then when I look back at all we have done I don’t know how we fit it into one month. August has been full of; Fun days out Seeing friends & family Paddling in the sea Dressing up  & new adventures!  I tell you what I haven’t done a lot of.. Work! But sometimes it is good to just step back and enjoy the time you have with loved ones. I am in the very fortunate position to do what I do for…

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