Hello September!

Sitting here and writing a Hello September post seems mental! August feels like it has flown by but then when I look back at all we have done I don’t know how we fit it into one month.

August has been full of;

Fun days out

Seeing friends & family

Paddling in the sea

Dressing up 

& new adventures! 

I tell you what I haven’t done a lot of.. Work! But sometimes it is good to just step back and enjoy the time you have with loved ones.

I am in the very fortunate position to do what I do for a living and that it gives me the opportunity to do just that.

Next week I am looking forward o finding our feet again, put the 101 idea have into practise and start the new school year with a bang! I am going to miss having my little rascals around me all the time but the memories we have made will last for ever.

Hello September!!


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