Summer Shoes from Deichmann

Finding the kids a decent pair of summery shoes can be a challenge for us, with the holidays fast approaching it was a mission for me to find a decent pair of comfortable sandals that would be able to keep up with my children.  The girls are very active and as you guys know we are always here there and everywhere so I need to find a shoe that is comfortable, practical and lightweight for those warmer months.

When the team at Deichmann got in touch recently and asked if I would like to try some of their sandals out with the girls I was excited to see how they would hold up.

When browsing online I was really surprised to see that they were such great prices, when shopping for three children at once costs quickly mount up. Finding great quality items at reasonable prices is really important to me.

I opted for these three pairs and I am so glad I did.

Maisy and Bella got the same style of shoe; the cupcake couture pink butterfly sandal I loved how they looked and knew they would love the pink with butterfly detail. It is really tough to tell what they’re going to be like online but they soles are actually quite cushioned making them extra comfy for wearing all day.
The issue I have had in the past with sandals for the kids is them not being very supportive on the foot. I love that with these shoes they have extra straps so while the shoe is still very breathable and great for hot days they still have the support of a full shoe. Again it just makes them extra comfy and they can still run riot!

As Lottie is a few sizes smaller than Maisy and Bella that same style wasn’t available in her size so I opted for the flower and gem sandal.  The cork bottom is what drew me to these shoes, previous experience has shown the them to be really comfy so I knew these shoes would be great on her little toes.

She really has been living in these on hot days; they’re nice and easy for her to get on and off and I love that the velcro is so soft so it doesn’t dig in or rub on her little ankles at all!

They look so pretty on, my only down fall with these shoes is they can get dirty quite quickly. Mostly on the cork soles but when her foot is in there you can’t see that so who cares!

Overall I am so impressed with Deichmann, it was a brand that I hadn’t heard of before but will definitely continue to return online. It’s great value for really great products and when you are a mum to three ever growing children that is exactly what you need!


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