Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL Review

One of my biggest goals this summer to get outside more with the girls and make the most of what we have around us. I really want to put our own back garden to use a lot more as well as setting off for days out at the beach, park hunting and picnicking. The garden really hasn’t been much of a useable space since we have lived here; it’s not massive, it’s on different levels and huge tree took up the majority of the space. My man turned lumberjack for the day and got the tree down for me and…

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National Trust Adventures – Kingston Lacy

Kingston Lacy is definitely my most local National Trust spot. Being less than a half hour drive we do visit regularly, it’s such a great picnic spot and so beautiful all year round. The weekend just gone started out cloudy but warm so we packed up a picnic and headed on down for some fresh air and flower spotting. It went from being a warmish cloudy day to a baking hot day so quickly! What’s nice about Kingston Lacy is there is so much outdoor space but also so many shady spots too. The front lawn is perfect for picnics…

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National Unplugging Day

Last Sunday (25th June) was national unplugging day; the annual day designed to get us all to take a step away from the technology and spend some quality time together. As someone who works online I knew this would be tough for me, I am never far away from the internet but I am always up for a challenge and as someone who can be quite strict with my children about screen time I figured it was about time I practiced what I preached. We were invited to a fun event in Winchester to celebrate the day; with strictly no…

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