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It’s so easy for me to get caught up in buying the same products or reaching for the same brands over and over again when it comes to cosmetics, I am a creature of habit. While thats fine it closes me off to some amazing brands that are actually more in tune with my skin than some of the bigger more well known brands are.

Whilst browsing a site called Live in the light, which stocks only 100% organic products, I was introduced to a new brand call Pure Ananda. The products looked gorgeous and I had never heard of them before so I really wanted to give them a try.

It is so difficult to get to know a brand by just one product they all have such different qualities so when they offered to send me out a few bits and piece to try out I was so excited. Playing wit make-up and creating new looks is definitely one of my favourite things ever!

So above is the Brow colour in Cinder which a medium ash shade; when I first opened this up I just assumed it was a loose eye shadow it never occurred to me it was for eye brows. It kind of scared the first time I tried it out but it actually really easy as long as you only apply a little at a time. It gives brows more definition and shape in a natural looking way with minimal fuss.

On to the mascara, it’s paraben-free, gluten-free, and mercury-free. Which to me is so important, I have been paying so much more attention to what is in the products I use now. The eye area is so sensitive we really need to be careful. I am normally a black mascara type of gal but actually the brown really makes my blue eyes pop!

Liqiud eye liner is up next. I have the shade fig, which looks gorgeous with a bronze brown eye look. The brush is a little tricky to use I prefer a angled edge brush for liner but once it is on its smudge proof so you know it will last all day.

Lastly in this little set is the berry bliss lip gloss in the shade mountain berry. These sorts of lip glosses remind me of my childhood and the make up I used to use all the time when I was far too young for make up. The vegan formula is made up of nourishing raspberry seed oil, shea butter and plant waxes that help to condition and protect lips each time it’s applied. I was sceptical on this one, I thought it would be sticky and have a sickly sweet scent to I but actually it feels really creamy and it tastes like mint! I have been loving wearing this over the top of my usual lip colours, it just gives me extra moisture through the day.

Then we come on to my favourite thing of all the Little Naked Palette, just how beautiful are these colours together. It is my go too pallet at the moment, you can easily create a simple everyday look or build up on the colours for a more dramatic night time look. Grape (bottom left) is so pretty on the eye it really adds some depth to the make up – definitely my favourite of the bunch. I love that it also has a Pressed Bronzer in there this shade is perfect for my fair skin it adds a little natural warmth where needed. The pallet it self it really clever the box is magnets and the colours just sit in nicely it means you can change it up easily to keep all your current favourites together.

I love these Pure Ananda Cosmetics they are definitely a brand I will continue to use for ethical reasons and just because they are pretty darn fantastic! If you would like to learn more about the Pure Ananda cosmetics then check out where they stop the whole range.

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