Beauty & The Beast on DVD

I was absolutely gutted to miss seeing the new Beauty & The Beast film on the big screen when it came out. After one too many failed attempts of making plans to see it with my friends I resided myself to waiting for the DVD to come out. Guess what it’s arrived!!!!

I was so excited to be asked if I would like to receive a copy of the DVD and the new Belle toddler doll for the girls to play with. As a child Beauty & The Beast was without a doubt one of my most favourite Disney films I remember watching my video copy of it on repeat with my own dolls sat around me. Getting to share the remakes of these classics with my daughters makes me so happy.

I returned home from holiday to find a special parcel waiting with my neighbours; after not seeing my beautiful girls for 5 days it was the perfect excuse to get into our pj’s, grab some pop corn and snuggle up!

The Belle doll was a huge hit; I much prefer the toddler sized dolls for my girl, they’re such a great size and compared to the more barbie style they’re a lot less pointy. Basically I am less likely to sit on one.

The girls and I loved the film it was so much better than I had even expected it to be. I was a little bit worried they might have found the beast a little scary, which it why I didn’t take them to see it at the cinema but they didn’t at all. It’s rare to find a film my girls will all sit the whole way through but Beauty & The Best you did it!

Emma Watson was always the perfect actress for the role of Beauty she played it so well. I am so glad to have the DVD in our collection even if we have watched it over and over again for the past week.

If you also have little fans in your homes you can find the doll here and DVD here.

Disclaimer: I was sent these items for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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  1. September 22, 2017 / 8:36 pm

    We went the cinema to watch this . It’s amazing isn’t it . I have recently purchased the DVD too so we have it whenever we watch a movie night 🙂

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