Little Loves – June

It’s been so long since I have done a little loves post! I had a month or two where I just didn’t love anything. Recently however I have been trying out loads of new products; being a real brand whore and moving away from my usual regulars. It’s fun! Buying new make up or trying new skin care is one of those that I love, I know a lot of people hate it and the application of make up just to remove it again each day is a chore but I really enjoy it.

As I mentioned above I have changed up loads of my products lately but to go into them all would make for a seriously long post so I whittled down to my most favourite of all the favourites and here they are!

I’ve had my make up done in Bobbi Brown a couple of times now on the most recent occasion I picked up a couple of new items first being an Art Stick in Brown Berry, I love this so much! The colour is gorgeous admittedly not the most summery of shades but I really nice warm brown shade. The chunky pen style makes it so easy to apply so you don’t need to apply lipliner if you don’t want to. If you are someone who doesn’t like too many products in your make up bag it’ll be perfect.

Next product I cannot stop using is the Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, the make-up artist used this on one of my brows and both me and my friend said – I need that. It is so easy to use, the slanted tips gives you the ultimate precision the colour is perfect. I haven’t gone a day without it since purchase.

I discovered Arbonne products roughly a year ago, I started using their award winning primmer and was kindly given a bunch of skin care samples which I use, then kind of forgot about. I went back to Arbonne  about 2 months ago, my skin was playing up big time and I just knew I needed some decent product. I bought the Calm range because I know just how sensitive skin my skin can be. Within a week of a decent skin care routine I noticed improvements; the range is gentle but effective and I adore the moisturiser. It gives me just the right amount of moisture and absorbs super quickly, with time up against me most mornings it is exactly what I need.

Another Arbonne product next and it’s the Glow On Bronzer, it looks really dark but it actually comes out really nicely. With my fair skin I just like a little bit in the place I would naturally catch the sun, it gives me that summer glow we are all chasing!

The Anastasia Glow kit is my final beauty product I’m sharing today. I know I am so late to the party, I actually bought this ages ago but have only just really gotten into using it is such a gorgeous highlighting pallet. A little goes such a long way I am sure you have all heard it raved about it in the past all I can say is believe the hype – it’s amazing.

Anastasia Glow kit

Final item is a little different, stepping away from my usual beauty and skin care and sharing my favourite new shoes! These sandals were a gift for my birthday from my amazing friends, they are just so cute I cant cope. I love the little trinkets and tassels hanging from them they are going to be so perfect this summer and on holiday with little dresses. Year on year River Island have the best sandals – well done guys you’ve done it again!

Phew – until next time – I also filmed my little loves so if video is more your bag take a peak!




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