Summer Trends With Love The Sales

I have written couple of posts in the past about and it is just one of the sites I keep coming back to. When ever the girls or I need a few new bits I have a quick peak online to see what great deals I can find. Love the Sales puts all those great online deals in one place for you so they are easy to find. All to often I can waste ages trolling through sites looking for a great deal. Here that are all in front of me I can refine for sizes/colours it makes it so easy – It’s great!

These were a few of my favourite picks for the girls summer dresses, there are top high street brands to choose from like Monsoon, River Island & Gap. I am really into denim, embellishment and bright colours for summer wear these are just gorgeous.

Those trends are flowing through into my own wardrobe too! I love these two dresses I found via they are going to be perfect for me.

What are your favourite trends this season? 


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