My Girls – March

Is it me or is spring starting to well spring? Been loving being able to get out and about more and more as this weather perks ups a little. It’s been a month since my last little update on the little monsters so what’s new with them this month?

Maisy 6 years 3 months 

Maisy’s may be 6 but I think she actually thinks she’s 16. She’s always been the most laid back of all the girls but right now she just loves chilling in her room, playing with her toys or watching her shows. I kind of miss her, I am trying to encourage her to get involved with us more at home but it’s tricky I don’t want to force her if she really doesn’t want to make cakes with us or watch a movie. She’s happy enough though some kids are just a little more private and happy in their own company is this just what comes with growing up?

Maisy’s still doing brilliantly at school, we had parent’s evening and she had a great report. Her reading an writing has come on so well lately super proud of my girl!

Biggest love at the moment it Moana, she knows every single word to all the songs which are now the soundtrack to my life.

Bella 5 years 2 months 

Bella’s current goal in life is to master the art of cartwheeling. She can very often be found on her head or upside down somewhere, she is one determined little cookie though I am sure she will crack it soon. Bella loves learning new things last month it was how to click her fingers and before that it was whistling.

Parent’s evening for Bella was also brilliant her teachers simply said ‘oh I just love her’. Pretty much sums my Bella up little nutcase always making people laugh.

Biggest love at the moment (when she’s not on her head) is reading. She’s always reading to me, when we get home when I cook – I love it.

Lottie 3 years 1 month

Still can’t believe I just wrote 3 years, my baby just isn’t my baby any more. Lottie’s communication skills have come on a lot recently. She’s always been a little chatterbox but we seem to have passed that stage of frustration when she can’t always express what she wants or needs. Tantrums have dropped dramatically – YAY!!!

Biggest love at the moment would be getting her self dressed. Everything is back to front or inside out but can I help? Can I heck. Independent lady!

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  1. March 17, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    That is such a lovely post. We often have twin back to front vests going on, or even worse, I put their clothes on the wrong chairs, they actually put them on, then moan at me I got the wrong ones for the wrong twin!
    Sonia Cave recently posted…Fruit Kebabs to Ensure Happy Hikers!My Profile

  2. March 18, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    Ahhh beach fun and happiness is gorgeous. These are precious. You can tell how much fun they have between them all. Lovely photos. #siblingsproject

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