Imaginative Play With Shimmer & Shine

The wild imaginations my daughters possess have always amazed me, they can come up with the most extravagant of games within minutes and keep themselves busy for hours having quite an adventure without even leaving the comfort of their bedrooms.

It is something I have always encouraged and enjoy watching. Recently the girls were sent some fun new Fisher-Price® toys based on the hit Nick Jr. series Shimmer and Shine. As fans of the show already excitement levels were through the roof when the received this special parcel.

If you haven’t heard of Shimmer and Shine before then in short Shimmer and Shine are twin sister’s and genies in training. They grant wishes to their best friend Leah and those wishes don’t always turn out quite how they expected, but by using team work and imagination things always turn out alright in the end.

Lottie in particular has been loving the Shimmer and Shine toys; I’ve seen her imagination really come on lately. Since her two big sisters are now at school she has to think for herself a lot more she’s really grown in independence when it comes to play. So much so it is often her telling her big sisters what they will be playing.

Shimmer Talk and Sing Doll seems to be a firm favourite, I often watch her having little chats with the magical talking doll and granting wishes to her other toys. The doll is soft apart from her head which is nice as Lottie quite likes to take her to bed as she a little more snuggly than the other dolls.

They all have a lot of fun playing with the Float & Sing Palace Friends Playset it’s great that it come with a few characters so we avoid all that squabbling over the dolls and their pets. The girls were amazed to hear the Simmer and Shine song when it came on it’s something we all seems to sing around the house now! 

These toys are aimed at ages 3+ the Talk and Sing Doll RRP’s at £24.99, the Float & Sing Palace Friends Playset RRP’s at £29.99.

The girl have loved being able to play with these new toys, they each have their own little games they like to play from jewel hunting with the genies and granting wishes to giving there sparkly genie look a little make over and using the catch phrases – Boom Zahramay has just become part of our day to day vocabulary.

Any Shimmer and Shine fan is bound to love playing with these toys just as much as my girls have.



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