Camp Bestival excitement!

The count down to Camp Bestival is well and truly on.  This year is the 10th anniversary of the iconic family festival and I just know 2017 is going to be bigger and better than ever. The awesome Pop Stars and Rock Stars theme being announced along with new preformers being added to the long list acts every week. These are the most recent acts, I can’t wait to see Anne-Marie she’s brilliant. I made the mistake of telling the girls we were going again this year and have had daily questions of “are we going next week?” or “what colour will our…

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Pyjama Party Nights

On Friday I discovered that after weeks and weeks of feeling up and down in my health that I am actually not going insane and I am not a hypochondriac who see’s every cold as a death sentence. No I have actually been fighting a bout of pneumonia for around 2 months. It was a real relief to actually hear the words and finally be put onto the right course of antibiotics to get me better again. With that in mind I just wanted a nice quiet weekend at home with the girls. Quiet and children are two things that rarely go…

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Valentines day – What do women really want?

Valentines day is a coming, I haven’t celebrated Valentines day in a good few years now due to being a lonely old spinster but this year it is all change. I have a boyfriend (and yes I feel about 8 years old making that statement) but it means that as it’s our first Valentines day and we are still in the ever so cute actually like seeing each other phase I can make a little bit of a fuss and get excited about it. Next year I am sure it will be ‘oh you again’. So what do women want on…

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