The Sound Of Happy

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I miss the baby stage I really do; don’t get me wrong my ovaries are well and truly in retirement but I miss my little babies being super cute and staying still. They’re still super cute but now they also answer back, flood the bathroom and draw on my walls – not so cute.

C&G baby club launch The Happy Song

I miss the giggles, those little baby giggles that seem to last for hours and hours, usually just brought on by a look in their direction and almost always at bed time when you’re trying to settle them but everything gets a little bit silly and the giggles start.

C&G baby club have been researching what brings on those sounds of happiness and have recently shared their findings on what really does make babies burst into those fits of laugh. The top of the list is being with siblings, the sound of laughter, the sound of daddy’s voice, the ice cream van, blowing raspberries and the sound of peekaboo. I can agree with all of those accept maybe the ice cream van – I mean now yeah they love when the ice cream van comes down the road but as babies not so much. I remember sitting with Maisy for hours on end playing peekaboo with a muslin cloth it just never gets old, I remember their looks of joy and how their little arms would start flapping and legs would start kicking when they recognised their dad’s voice once he was home from work. I birthed them and didn’t get that same response – how rude!

I have the cutest little film I wanted to share with you guys showing the making of a song celebrating the Sound of Happy, a thousand British parents have helped C&G baby club create this song – the first scientifically tested song created by leading child and music psychologists and Grammy award-winning musician Imogen Heap to make babies happy!

‘The Happy Song’ is now available here:

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Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club


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  1. January 5, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    I know exactly what you mean, my boys are almost 11 and 12 and a half now eek. I miss the baby days as much as I love my crazy tweens.

    Stevie x
    A Cornish Mum recently posted…Milestone Moments with GracoMy Profile

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