Britain’s Superpowers with Npower

NPower have launched a brand new campaign with the  help of celebrity day Pater Andre to find and celebrating those everyday super powers that us brits have! Peter Andre and npower are challenging the nation to share the wonderful, quirky, clever, and not to mention practical strengths they have that make everyday a little brighter.

They are touring the country to shine a light on some of the amazing feats that make Great Britain so great armed with a giant super powers booth you can show your talents to Peter Andre himself! If you impress, you could be in with the chance of winning a home gadget package worth £25,000 to super power your home.

So to get you all in the mood for putting on some super power performances I have been asked to share my own us mums clearly have a million super powers but I have made a little video showing you all my super ability to predict the future!

Yes I know what you’re thinking it’s pretty impressive stuff right there.

NPower have revealed the top 5 super powers brits wish that they had:

  1. Photographic memory
  2. Back flipping
  3. Doing the splits
  4. Hula hooping
  5. Moonwalking

I’m pretty whizzy when it comes to hula hooping but the rest you can forget! What are your Super Powers?

The roadshow will be hitting Newcastle’s Metro centre on Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November make sure you head on down and show off those super powers. You can read more about the campaign and even upload your videos at to be in with the chance of winning that amazing gadget bundle.

Need some inspiration for your every day super powers?
–          Juggling – kitchen utensils or ingredients

–          Balancing plates on arms

–          Perfectly lip syncing to the latest hit

–          Walking on hands

–          Ventriloquist (using hand puppets)

–          Splits whilst doing homework/making calls/working

–          Impressions – especially to make the children laugh

–          Memory tricks

Now for Pete’s SuperPowers…

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